Pub Crawl

Arrangements price:
9 €
Tue, Wed, Thu, Sun: 09:00 PM - Bars; Mon, Fri, Sat: 10:30 PM - Clubs
Arrangement includes:
Entrance to 3 selected bars/clubs, 3 welcome drinks and English speaking tour guide
Meeting point - 11 Gračanička Street in front of Eurojet travel agency

+381 11 3284 323
+381 11 3284 383

Reservations are required at least one day ahead.
Arrangement does not include:

Last we heard movie stars spend a lot of time drinking and partying, and that's nothing new. We take you to some of the places where headlines have been made and where celebrities go out when in Belgrade.

We will also take you to some interesting bars that locals visit as obligatory every night, so you will get to know their habits and what is new age bohemian way of life in Belgrade. After the program you will have enough information to continue your bar crawl for days.

Discover the reason why Belgrade is grouped within the top ten nightlife destinations in the world. Feel the adrenaline of music and dancing by rushing throughout the night from one nightclub to the other. More than 200 clubs in Belgrade offer a dynamic partying experience from discos on rafts, in caves and in basements and attics with a wide range of music will leave you breathless