Discover and enjoy
Why wouldn't you give new dimension to your stay in Serbia?Whether you are an adventurous spirit or just want to have an interesting experience, we offer you a wide range of different activities that will make your journey unforgettable!
If you have a special wish or idea, consult with us because EVERYTHING is possible!


Exclusive limo is waiting for you and taking you on a ride through Belgrade while you listening to music and drinking champagne.

Ride in a limo includes:
Ride for 1 hour
Price: 200€
Ride with stripper for 1 hour
Price: 450€ total


What about fun exercise like- hiding from colored bullets? Have you ever tried fightingagainst Serbian girls?
Price includes:
English-speaking guide
Paintball game & Instructors
Equipment: military spotted uniform, protection mask, neck protection, a hat, gloves, half- automatic paintball gun, and 200 balls
Price: 15€ per person
Price of challenge with 5 Serbian girls: 40€ per person


2 x 10 minute races each (up to 10 people can race at a time)
Result print-out.

Price includes:
A bottle of the finest champagne for the winner
English Speaking Guide & Transfer
Price: 55€ per person


If you think you are good football player, you have to try playing it in big bubble!
Price includes:
Transfer to playground
1h of playtime
Price: 30€ per person


Indoor target shooting includes:
Transfers 10min from the center & English speaking guide and professional instructors
5 shots from Magnum Revolver 44mm, 10 shots from Glock 9mm, 5 shots from 22mm sniper, 2 shots from shotgun
Price: 40€ per person

Outdoor shooting experience includes:
Transfers 1h from Belgrade & English speaking guide and professional instructors
10 shots from AK 47, 10 shots from Glock 9mm, 5 shots from pump action
Serbian traditional lunch included (roast pork or lamb with baked potatoes)
Price: 65€ per person


Have you ever shot an arrow? Archery is one of the oldest arts and sports discipline. It takes concentration, ability to connect physical aspects, patience and persistence. Beside strength and wiliness, you will need help from our lifetime friend - air

Price includes:
12 Arrows
Private instructor
Price per person: 15€


Discover wild Serbia while you are riding big landing jeep safari

Price includes:

Transfers 1h from Belgrade & English speaking guide
Two hours driving the jeeps with professional drivers
Each person gets to drive the jeep for 10min
Serbian traditional lunch
Price: 65€ per person


What is the ESCAPE ROOM? Many of you certainly ask this question to yourself. ESCAPE Room is the game made from virtual version and it is predicted for entertainment. It is played in teams from 2 to 5, from 2 to 6 or from 3 to 6 members.
You will need every member of team to solve some of the problems and after three days, you and your friends will be talking over and over about the adventure and you will be laughing to how close the solution of the problem you were trying to resolve was.
Escape game includes:
Escape room for 1h
All the props you need
Price: 60€ in total


Can you imagine more beautiful day than the one spent on the boat, listening to music and enjoying sunny day? This will remain one of your best memories from this trip....
Private yacht:
Boat ride for 2h or more hours
Full equipment on the boat
Price per 2 hour: 350€

Sport yacht:
Skipper on the boat
Ride for 1h or whole day
Price for 1h: 180Eur
Price for half day: 420€
Price for whole day: 650€


Have you ever ridden a kayak? If so, then you know what an amazing feeling it gives you, if not, now is the perfect moment to try! Let yourself enjoy the adventure that will remain one of the most beautiful memories to you.
Kayak ride includes:
Rafting and kayak instructors with safety equipment
3 hours expedition time
English speaking guide
Serbian traditional lunch
Price per person: 35€